curator, event manager, visual artist, prop maker & speciality themeing

Camilla is a visual artist with event management experience based in inner city Sydney. I offer speciality themeing, design and manufacture; crafting creative ideas into reality.

My focus is sustainable practice; utilising local skill and recycled & reused materials, in a celebration of the 'hand-crafted'.

Drawing on a team of key skilled co-artists, I specialise in:

  • Designing and fabricating decorative elements for venues; stages; festivals and events
  • Producing lanterns, light shades, flags, curtains and soft furnishings
  • Painting backdrops, banners, murals and decorative signage
  • Hand-crafting thematic seating and tables
  • Fabricating one-off sculptural objects, props, centrepieces and chandeliers
  • Working small or large scale
  • Working with metal, wood, reused and recycled materials, organic or unusual materials
  • Curatorial and Art Administration
  • Designing and implementing community art projects and events that engage schools, community organisations, disability sector and broad members of the community